Our experience - Electronic media

Electronic media

2000 -2001

  • Introduction and acceptance of a television company’s new channel names
  • Preparation and introduction of the television company’s new corporate image
  • Implementing the new corporate image in every device
  • Creation and introduction of the television company’s advertising image
  • Introduction of the completely new channel design
  • Introduction of new television headlines, separating wishes, design
  • Design and implementation of television image campaign
  • The television company’s Brand building
  • Conduction of television program promotions representing image values
  • Conduction of marketing campaigns related to television programs
  • Creation strengthening internal and external PR for the television company
  • Preparation and management of the company’s press relations
  • Directing the communication press events of the television company

2001 – 2002

  • Preparation and introduction of a commercial radio’s completely new image
  • Complete renewal of the radio’s content
  • Execution of the radio’s strategic tasks
  • Market positioning of the radio
  • Building the radio brand
  • Complete renewal of the radio’s advertising image
  • Directing the radio’s press appearances
  • Creating media partner relations
  • Increasing the radio’s advertising revenues

2012 – 2015

  • Completely new portal development of a thematic website
  • Market repositioning of the thematic website
  • Organising the website’s content production
  • Creation of the website’s advertising surfaces
  • Creation of AFS surfaces on the website
  • Increasing the website’s advertising revenues
  • Creating media partner relations
  • Preparation and introduction of the website’s advertising image
  • Complete business management of the website’s operation