Our experience - Printed media

Printed media

2001 – 2002

  • Creation of the layout of a new tabloid
  • Complete marketing of introducing the new tabloid to the market
  • Preparation of the tabloid’s advertising image
  • Increasing the tabloid’s familiarity, significance
  • Creating and increasing the tabloid’s brand value
  • Planning the tabloid’s advertising campaign
  • Creating and increasing general sympathy towards the tabloid with PR technologies
  • Creation and conduct of purchase incentive strategy
  • Cooperation in developing the tabloid’s distribution strategy
  • Increasing the number of sold copies
  • Organising the tabloid’s events
  • Organising the tabloid’s promotions

2001 – 2002

  • Creating the new layout of a fortnightly paper
  • Execution of the paper’s complete marketing activities
  • Preparation of the paper’s new advertising image
  • Planning the tabloid’s advertising campaigns
  • Increasing the sympathy towards the paper with PR techniques
  • Have the paper’s colleagues perform in other mediums
  • Conduction of the paper’s purchase incentive campaign
  • Increasing the number of sold copies
  • Organising the paper’s promotions
  • Increasing the paper’s brand value to achieve exit points