Our experience - Trade market

Trade market

2008 – 2015

  • Preparation of the shopping centre’s corporate image
  • Implementation of the image in all assets related to operation
  • Preparation of the shopping centre’s advertising image
  • Preparation of the shopping centre’s internal and external navigation system
  • Preparation of the shopping centre’s internal and external advertising tools
  • Communication strategy before and during the opening
  • Organisation of the opening event
  • Preparation of Website for tenants to support operation
  • Preparation of tenant proposals
  • Editing and production of introductory publications
  • Planning campaign for tenant recruitment
  • Conduction of online and offline campaign for tenant recruitment
  • Preparation of tenant manual about image regulations
  • Preparation of annual marketing communication action plan
  • Implementation of online, offline and outdoor campaigns
  • Satisfying marketing requirements of already existing tenants
  • Preparation and execution of internal and external PR action plans
  • Planning and organisation of commercial discounts, events, promotions to increase visitor number
  • Conduction of campaigns for commercial discounts, events to increase visitor number
  • Production of media partnerships
  • Preparation and management of press relations
  • Crisis communication

2009 – 2015

  • Performance marketing communication tasks of retail stores
  • Annual planning of commercial discounts
  • Implementation of online and offline campaigns for commercial discounts
  • Design and production of debut materials and leaflets, flyers
  • Organisation and implementation of programs, events
  • Recruitment of sales supporting activities
  • Website production