Business consulting

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It is easier to find directions of development with external help

The economic environment today cannot be compared to of the ones before. Nowadays there are always certain phases in the life of a company or organisation when some necessary changes are needed in order to maintain successful operation in the future.

uzleti-tanacsadasTo do this, it is essential that the given company or organisation used their already existing resources the most effectively and be able to see when and how to make changes in the business process. If they fail to do so, no matter how innovative or how traditional, how long operating their company or organisation is, they could still collapse. The challenges of the present economic environment cannot be answered with the traditional solutions, since they are not effective any more. To achieve our aims, we need a practical and effective approach to optimise incomes and reduce expenses.

When a company or organisation realizes this, the help of an external expert is needed, who can see the company or the organisation from the outside and can give guidance in the necessary changes within the organisation and the business processes, or can help in defining those changes.

Steps of business consulting:

  • assessment of the company’s business process
  • optimising the processes
  • introducing new processes
  • testing, checking and controlling the newly introduced processes
  • further changes in the process in order to achieve the desired effect.

Topics of business consulting:

  • improvement and development of the sales strategy and tactics, sales channels, methodology
  • improvement and development of the sales unit
  • increase of sales, productivity and efficiency
  • construction and reconstruction of process-focused IT solutions
  • introduction and construction of management control systems
  • support of manager decisions
  • managing occasional and project system solutions
  • improvement of operational efficiency
  • market research
  • organisation development processes
  • performance improvement
  • performance management, due diligence of incentive systems
  • examination of the economic return of the product/service
  • increase client satisfaction
  • elaboration of strategy, corporate or organisational goals
  • elaboration and construction of performance management measuring systems
  • crisis prevention, crisis management
  • management of changes – support of embedding business processes and adaptations in operation.

Organisation development consultancy

szervezetfejlesztesOur organisation development consultancy prepares the leaders and the colleagues for new tasks and objectives. Our aim is to help in this development, to support business strategy, to improve and increase chances of growth or in that case, survival.

In our consideration it is highly important to involve the management and the employees of our partners in the processes, so that they would feel a sense of ownership both in the project and in the result itself.

To what companies and organisations is the application of organisational development techniques recommended?

  • If we are talking about a developing or declining company, the implementation of an optimised operation is essential.
  • If the company or organisation is on steady grounds but already foresees the possible problems that might occur in a few years’ time, the execution of change management combined with process optimization is recommended.
  • If a company is successful or is currently in market leader position, the application of organisation development techniques is clearly the tool of the implementation of long-term strategies.