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The most important tool of obtaining sympathy is a good PR strategy.

pr-szolgaltatasokPublic Relations (PR) help profit oriented and non-profit corporations and organisations or persons to establish affairs with the environment. PR deals with and takes care of the reputation with the purpose to win support, to influence opinions and behaviour in connection with corporations, organisations, or individuals and to create safe and sound bidirectional communication affairs.

Relations and the reputation can both be positive or negative. An affair is positive if the environment appreciates and positively classifies the performance of the corporation, organisation, or the individual, i.e. they buy their products, maintain demand for their services, vote for the representatives and support their ideas. In this case the people trust them; they may even accept their mistakes and thus, their reputations are positive. An affair is negative if the environment does not accept them, does not appreciate the performance of the company, organisation, or the individual, i.e. they do not buy their products, there is no demand for their services, they do not vote for the representative, in other words they are repulsive, negative or neutral towards them.