Personal branding

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You have a personal brand if they hear your name and everybody knows who you are

Who needs a personal brand?


Personal branding usually helps chief executives, managers, public figures and everybody who is exposed to the outside world or is in focus of public attention, to build their personal brand. With the help of personal branding, people can achieve their aims during their business, professional and social activities who communicate appropriately in every situation, who have created a positive picture of themselves and people associate them with a good story, in other words, people who have not only a person but a personality behind their names.

When we talk about a personal brand, most people think only of public appearances, e.g. press conferences, television performance, conferences and other public manifestations. Yet, personal branding can be an additional plus not only on occasions of public appearances, but also during the communication within the company, institution or organisation and towards the clients as well.

Why do we need a personal brand?

First of all we have to clarify why the specific person should need a personal brand then we can start looking for the appropriate personal brand image. If we are not certain why we wish for the personal brand, what is it that we would really like to achieve we’d better not start at all! Without formulating clearly set objectives there is no use investing any energy or work, since it will be impossible to build a congruent personal brand.

After formulating the objectives, we have to clarify the target group and the situations in which we would like to use the power of our personal brand. If these are well-defined and specific we only have one more question to conquer: „Why do I have to deal with such things when I would have so many important things to do?” – usually this is what chief executives, managers, public figures would immediately ask. The answer however is very simple: because without a personal brand it is more difficult to achieve the set targets and more difficult to access higher levels.

What do we need to develop a personal brand?

To create a personal brand, good self-knowledge is essential. Without self-knowledge, without honestly forming our strengths and weaknesses, the boarders of our personal development we won’t be able to get the most of ourselves. To do this, one obviously needs a good portion of determination, but after we have openly worded everything we have the basis to make a congruent personal brand.

To create a personal brand it is not enough if we know what characteristics a specific person does, or doesn’t possess. We believe it is more important how the person can use his existing characteristics and how he can compensate the missing ones to develop his image. In other words, it’s not the original personality traits that are important, but the way we can use them to realize our visions.

We should not make up a personal brand, we should find it!

We don’t have to make up the personal brand we simply have to find it! We should count on our individual characteristics, our knowledge, our professional experience and history, since our personal brand is inside us. Since we cannot borrow other people’s personalities, only our own personal brand can be congruent.

The basis of personal brand is the science of making declarations


It can be really difficult to make a press release or behave naturally in front of the microphone for people to whom performances are strangely alien and mean some mystical difficulty. During the many years of my career as a reporter I saw that the majority of company leaders, communication specialists and public persons – except for a few – are scared, have certain aversions to the camera, the microphone, generally from the presence of the media, simply because they don’t know how to behave and what to say. Naturally, not because they are not good enough in their field, but because they don’t know where and how to talk about their achievements, how to communicate their future ideas. They don’t know how the journalists, reporters do their job, they don’t know how to make an interesting, meaningful statement, how to make a good impression on the audience and on the readers of the media.

Additionally, only few people know that we have to perform differently in programs of different genres, types, programs that are on air in different times of the day, at interviews made for different layers of readers. The attention has to be maintained differently at a conference and at a press release.

Mastering the science of making statements is as important as obtaining professional knowledge and achieving excellent corporal, organisational or institutional results. Especially if the specific person holds a public status or would like to achieve his goals of this kind in the future. Even if the person is considered to give correct interviews, or perform well at press or other conferences, it is worth dealing with this and participating in personal consultations. For it may turn out that it is not so. Can it be possible that he simply wasn’t critical enough with himself, or his environment did not dare to give an honest opinion?

This is why it is important to spend time and energy on mastering the science of making statements, on creating our personal brand.