Image design

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An image should not only be distinctive and unified with a nice design, but it should also seek to ensure the clear identification of the company’s activities.


The image is the complex system of visual marks that identify a company, a community, a product or a project. It is a unified and conscious appearance, which carries unmistakable and specific marks that help in the identification of the company, the community, the product or the project and keep a unified appearance.

Numerous corporations do not really deal with the significance of corporate image, regardless of the fact that this makes the first impression on the consumer. This is exactly the reason why the image has to be unique, easily recognisable and memorable. Having a nice design, unity and distinctive features is not enough – the image should strive to match the company’s business areas, in other words, the “owner’s” activities should be well identified through the corporate image. Every industry has its own characteristics and special features. Their communication channels, through which they reach their target groups, can be clearly defined. Thus, when creating the corporate image, besides focusing on the business characteristics, we also have to pay attention to make it effective through the means of communication we would like to use it.

A well-designed image can sell, while a bad design shall possibly make a loss.

When we launch an enterprise it is very important to put the appearance through deliberate consideration, so that it showed competence and aroused confidence in the target consumers. Making a good image design is a process that takes quite a long time, but from the business perspective, it already pays for itself in the medium term and makes profit in the long term. We have to pay attention to the colours, the typography, the balance, the symbols and the above mentioned business characteristics just as well as the applicability of the image. We can only be outstanding and different from the other competitors if we find the very thing that shall differentiate us from the other performers in the market. Research results suggest that people prefer to choose a well-known brand than a less popular one. To make something popular it is necessary to have a well-made up and distinguishable logo and a complete image related to it.