Corporations or institutions

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The personality of the company and the institution, their self-image and the image of the picture they would like to communicate.


Creating an image for corporations or institutions is the most complex task since it must contain particular formal and content elements. Its operation will only be satisfactory, if the formal and content items of the image are in concordance and harmony with each other, if the two components can form one unit and build on each other through mutual support. It is worth to plan the image for corporations or institutions for the long term and it’s better to avoid making frequent and significant changes, unless we have an explicit aim with it.

The most typical formal elements

  • the company logo,
  • variations of the company logo and their usage,
  • typographic specifications,
  • usage of colours,
  • the figure personifying the company,
  • business forms,
  • means of identification,
  • information materials, publications,
  • appearance of partnership,
  • appearance of CSR program,
  • appearance at events,
  • packaging,
  • external and internal guidance systems,
  • appearance of company cars,
  • uniforms,
  • promotional materials,
  • PR appearance,
  • appearance on offline and online advertising interfaces,
  • domain usage,
  • web design, intranet design,
  • appearance on television and in radio advertisements, commercials.

The most typical content items

  • the company’s philosophy,
  • the mission,
  • the organisational structure,
  • the organisational culture.