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Even positive reputation spreads rarely by itself.

A positive reputation can be created by itself; however it is not guaranteed at all that it will get to that certain place at that certain time when we want it. It is good if a company, organisation or a person considers itself positive, but it is far from enough if this fact is unknown or considered otherwise by those who judge their activities.

Choosing the appropriate tools is the basis of achieving positive reputation


  • General PR consultation
  • Organising press conferences
  • Taking care of press releases
  • Organising publications, reports, interviews
  • Organising press background interviews
  • Organising press breakfasts, lunches, dinners
  • Organising media relations
  • Crisis communication consulting
  • Organising open days
  • Establishing and operating clubs

When we think of Public Relations (PR) we usually mean press communication, however the exact content of the expression is far more diverse.

Credit and reputation can be built in several other ways besides press appearances.

An important element is the Public Affairs, which serves the establishment and maintenance of good relations, warding off the impact of negative measures and obtaining advantages, strictly within legal limits.

  • Problem discovery, mapping
  • Prioritization
  • Compiling the list of decision makers
  • Mapping existing relations
  • Mapping the shortcomings and deficiencies in the relationship network
  • Alignment of topics and the relationship network
  • Collecting information
  • Collecting allies
  • Intelligible wording of position
  • Utilization of the decision makers list
  • Delivery of messages in person and through the press