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A positive external reputation is useless if the internal one is negative.

belso-prThe PR does not only influence the external reputation, but the internal affairs as well. The positive external assessment of a company or institution is useless, if the internal opinions about the company, or institution remain negative, if the employees are not devoted, if certain organisational units, colleagues or the executives cannot get on well with each other, if they do not feel attachment to improve business activities.

In an environment where the internal reputation is negative you cannot get the most out during the course of operation.

To achieve positive internal reputation and effective working body we can also use PR tools. This will increase the effectiveness of the corporation or institution as well. Thus, apart from the external PR, the same amount of care should be paid to the internal one. Among the tasks of the internal PR we can find the management of the organisation and the organisation of communication links among the employees, the people and the units within the organisation. The internal PR does not only determine the process, direction and participants of the communication, but also its formal and informal channels and the rules of communication. Although in case of large corporations and institutions we have to use wider internal PR tools than with small and medium-sized companies, we have to pay attention to this in every case, not to mention the fact that due to the increasing effectiveness, it will pay for itself in the short term.