Our experience - Real estate market

Real estate market

2007 – 2015

  • Communication tasks in connection with property portfolio
  • Creation of the advertising image of property portfolio
  • Support of property portfolio sales
  • Design and conduction of advertisements supporting sales
  • Organisation of appearance at national and international professional events
  • Design and production of tools supporting sales
  • Development and management of press relations
  • Communication strategy of property concepts
  • Presenting property concepts to the international markets
  • Production of publications related to the property concepts
  • Development and maintenance of website in connection with the property portfolio and the property concepts

2007 – 2008

  • Creation of real estate development communication strategy for commercial purposes
  • Communication strategy related to the development period
  • Organisation of events related to the development period: foundation stone, bouquet feast
  • Design and conduction of sales supporting campaign during the development period
  • Creation of image manual for commercial property
  • Development and maintenance of press relations
  • Familiarisation of commercial property with PR techniques
  • Implementation of the property’s image manual in every internal and external tool
  • Development of internal and external information system
  • Design of the commercial property’s advertising image
  • Design and production of publications, debut materials
  • Design and implementation of the introductory campaign
  • Design and conduct of the opening event
  • Marketing communication strategy supporting sales after the opening ceremony
  • Creation of Website
  • Branding