Our experience - Sport and leisure time

Sport and leisure time

2003 – 2015

  • Communication strategy related to the reorganisation process of a Sports business
  • Organisation and affairs management of press relations at the sport business
  • Preparation and introduction of the sports business’s new image
  • Implementation of the new image in every device
  • Organisation of press events related to football matches and sports activities
  • Continuous image building
  • Design and implementation of the sports facilities information system
  • Preparation of surfaces available for sale in the facilities and on the sports equipment
  • Preparation of proposal materials for AFS surfaces
  • Preparation of proposal materials for sponsorship
  • Creation of the sports business’s brand value
  • Creation of Website and supervision of its content
  • Making television contracts for the sports business
  • Marketing communication strategy of the sports business
  • Display of sponsors in the facility and on the sports equipment
  • Satisfying sponsor requirements
  • Organisation of sports events
  • Representation of ownership of the sports business at the press and at specific places

2007 – 2015

  • Performance of communication tasks related to the establishment of a sports academy
  • Creation of the sports academy’s corporate image
  • Implementation of corporate image with every tool
  • Creation and supervision of Website
  • Satisfying press requirements
  • Satisfying communication requirements incurred during the operation of the sports academy

2008 – 2013

  • Creation of the leisure centre’s image
  • Creation of the leisure centre’s advertising image
  • Planning and arranging the leisure centre’s marketing communication activities
  • Organisation of promotions increasing visitor number in the leisure centre
  • Expanding familiarity and popularity with PR techniques
  • Satisfying press requirements
  • Creation of brand value
  • Preparation of Website